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Branded with Heritage....our history

A bit of the history of Mizenhead!
- founded in 1991 - Mizenhead manufactured headwear, wax jackets and fleece jackets for the Irish/European and US markets - at its peak employing 50 machinists in its 5000 sq ft factory in Bantry, West Cork.
- In 1998 Mizenhead started manufacturing wax jackets for Timberland's European Market - and that started a partnership that has lasted right up to today and continues to develop.
- In 1999 Mizenhead started to wholesale for Timberland into the Irish Market and soon after opened its first store in Bantry, West Cork.
- Stores soon followed in Cork, Limerick, Belfast, Boulevard, Kildare, Liffey Valley, South Anne Street and Dundrum and Jervis Centre (Dublin) - and all these stores (with the exception of Belfast) continue to grow the brand in Ireland.
- In 2011 VF Corporation bought the Timberland Company and this opened up the possibility of Mizenhead working with some of the VF stable of brands - and so now Mizenhead also partners with 'The North Face' and 'VANs' operating the North Face Store in Dundrum and the VANs stores in Dundrum and Jervis Centre and also featuring the three brands on its websites - and
- Today Mizenhead employs approximately 100 people in Ireland through its 12 stores and wholesale showroom. It still has roots in Bantry and Cork but Dublin is now the centre of Mizenhead's business.
- Online orders are processed in Cork and sent out from our warehouse in Bantry or from any of our stores. New online features such as 'click and collect' and gift vouchers are being developed and will be introduced soon as we look to continuously improve our online presence.